WOD #1

AMRAP for 30 Minutes

10 push ups
25m swim
25m pool run (while in pool run as fast as you can, big strides)
10 pool jumps (while in pool jump as high as you can)
10 get out of pools (you are in pool with back against wall, but hands behind you on pool edge and lift yourself out of water so you are sitting on ground with feet still in pool, motion is like a tricep press when you do dips using a bench) on last one actually get out of pool.

WOD #2

2-5 rounds

Run 400m (or swim 100m)
5 pool pull ups (in deep end of pool face pool wall with hands on edge and pull yourself out of the water. Then get back in.)
10 push ups
20 sit ups
30 squats (or pool jumps as per above)

Rest 3 minutes