CrossFit BootCamp

CrossFit Simplified

At ICARUS CrossFit we believe a CrossFit program can be used to improve anyone’s level of fitness. All workout routines should focus on constantly varied functional movements performed with intensity. Although all CrossFit exercises are amazing tools to help attain high levels of fitness, some are very demanding on the body in regards to coordination, mobility, and time required to master the skill.

This class will still follow the guidelines of a CrossFit program, but we have removed the very demanding exercises (ie. Olympic Lifting, complex gymnastics work etc.). This means there will be no prerequisites required to join, allowing anyone to drop in. This class is a great way to get started with a functional fitness routine and would make a great addition 1-3x a week to your regularly active life, OR would be a great start to enjoying a more active lifestyle.

Who is CrossFit BootCamp For?

This class is perfect for those who are looking to build a base level of fitness before joining our full CrossFit program, or for those who just want to add a little bit of weight training and high intensity conditioning work to their regular routine or sports.

Our CrossFit BootCamp Program focuses on functional movements to help you improve your performance in day to day tasks and abilities. The workouts are always different in order to keep it interesting, and everything can be scaled to suit ANY level. If you have a major ailment or injury (but have been OK’d by a Dr or Physio for exercise) this is a great class where we can work around those limitations while still working up a sweat!

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