At ICARUS CrossFit we believe a CrossFit program can be used to improve anyone’s level of fitness. All workout routines should focus on constantly varied functional movements performed with intensity.

Although we offer a wide range of training options, our “CrossFit” and “CrossFit–BootCamp” Group Classes are the foundation of our community. Each class is a packed hour complete with a warm up, mobility work, a strength/skill component and a metabolic conditioning workout. There is original programming EVERYDAY and our skilled and friendly coaches (all CrossFit Level 1 Certified) are dedicated to helping athletes of all levels achieve their health and fitness potential.

The “CrossFit” and “CrossFit–BootCamp” Program Principles:

These group classes follow a General Conditioning Program (GCP) designed to maximize fat loss and strength gain. We focus our programs on the CrossFit training principles, which aim to develop the 10 skills of fitness: endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy.

The programs focus on functional movements to help you improve your performance in day to day tasks and abilities. The workouts are always different in order to keep it interesting, and everything can be scaled to suit ANY level. If you have a major ailment or injury (but have been OK’d by a Dr or Physio for exercise) this is a great class where we can work around those limitations while still working up a sweat!


“CrossFit” and CrossFit-BootCamp” Group Classes are perfect for you if:

  • You’ve lost interest in your same old gym routine
  • You “don’t have time” to go to the gym
  • You are looking to improve your performance in any sport, at any level
  • You have plateaued in your current workout routine
  • You want to HAVE FUN and meet new people!


CrossFit-BootCamp Versus CrossFit

The CrossFit-BootCamp program is essentially CrossFit with the only difference being we have removed a few of the most demanding exercises (Muscles Ups (and other complex gymnastics moves on the rings), Barbell Weight Lifting (Back, Front and Overhead Squats, Shoulder and Push Press, Jerk, Thrusters, Clean, Snatch) all of these moves will be taught and performed in CrossFit-BootCamp but using Dumb Bells or Kettle Bells instead of barbells). After your Free Trial Class you will be required to join a 6 Class Training Program (CrossFit 101) prior to being able to sign up for our regular CrossFit-BootCamp classes.

Prior to being able to join our CrossFit classes you will be required to sign up for an additional 6 Class Training Program (CrossFit 201).

Both of these programs are a great way to get started with a functional fitness routine and would make a great addition 1-3x a week to your regularly active life, OR would be a great start to enjoying a more active lifestyle.

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