CrossFit 101 / 201

Training Program / OnRamp Program

After having completed your Free Trial Class you then need to sign up for one of our Training Programs prior to being able to participate in our Group Classes.

The ICARUS CrossFit 101 / 201 programs are designed to familiarize you with everything you need to know in order to participate in our group classes.

ICARUS’s CrossFit 101 program consists of 4 private or small-group sessions with instruction on the fundamental movements of CrossFit. The goal of these classes is to prepare you to participate in group CrossFit classes.

In a typical CrossFit 101 class, you will join two or three other new gym members during a 4 class program. A small, group environment allows us to safely and effectively introduce you to the basic movements used in our group classes. You’ll have the chance to allow your body to adapt to higher intensity training. Having completed the CrossFit 101 program, new athletes will feel confident participating in regular CrossFit classes.

ICARUS’s CrossFit 201 program consists of a further 4 private or small-group sessions with instruction focused on Barbell Movements including Olympic Lifts (Clean, Jerk, Snatch) The goal of these classes is to prepare you with the basic positioning and technique to safely engage on Olympic Lifting on our group CrossFit classes.

About the ICARUS CrossFit 101 / 201 Programs:

  • Flexible scheduling allows you and your Coach to find the best time
  • Limited group size ensures lots of attention
  • Learn with others of equal level experience and feel confident when joining the group classes


If you have previously completed a CrossFit Training course at another CrossFit affiliate, or think you have enough experience to bypass our CrossFit 101 / 201 training courses, please see below for our CrossFit Challenge and contact us to discuss.

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